Swing Gates

Electromechanical: There motors are the most common among residential Swing Gates. They are the cheapest, but still of the highest quality; they differentiate left and right and it is always chosen by looking at the gate from the inside. These Rams can do up to around 50 openings per day and are divided by stroke:

  • Sargon S300: 300mm Stroke, it is a little faster (opening time 16s) than the other Sargon motors. The S300 can move gates up to 3Mt (10ft) and max 200Kg per leaf. For this motor, you need to be careful with the installation dimensions (more info).
  • Sargon M400: 400mm Stroke, it is the most versatile motor. The M400 can move gates up to 4Mt (13ft) and max 250Kg per leaf (opening time 20s). This motor is the most versatile because its installation dimensions (more info) can fit most of the common size swing gates and because its Quality/Price ratio is the Best in the Market.

  • Sargon L600: 600mm Stroke, this motor is a little slower (opening time 30s), but it can move gates up to 5Mt (16ft) and max 300Kg per leaf. This motor can fit wider installation dimensions (more info).
  • Poseidon M400: 400mm Stroke, it is just like the Sargon M400. The only difference is the design, where the Poseidon M400 is designed to fit even lower installations, where the Sargon M400 would have the cable touching the ground. This motor needs to be installed upside down as per pictures.

Hydraulic: These are the strongest among Swing Gate motors and are the most versatile with installation dimensions (more info). These motors are fit for intensive use and are divided by their power:

  • Paris RB: This is among the fastest motors (opening time 15s) and can move gates up to 3Mt (10ft) and max 250Kg per leaf.
  • Hector: Very strong motor for industrial use. Can move gates up to 4Mt (13ft) and max 350Kg per leaf.
  • Iliad ADV: Strongest Motor in the market, with a very elegant design. Can move gates up to 7Mt (23ft) and max 1200Kg per leaf.

Underground Motors: Hades (Our Underground Motor) is designed to be fit underground inside its installation box and moves Swing Gates from underground. If installed correctly, only the lever, that moves the gate and is installed on the gate to the motor, will be seen. This motor can move gates up to 2,5Mt (8ft) and max 350Kg per leaf.

Articulated Arm Motors: These motors are designed to be fast (opening time 15s) and to be fit on wider posts because of their wide installation dimensions (more info). The Kallisto Articulated Arm motors can move gates up to 2Mt (7ft) and max 150Kg per leaf.

IMPORTANT: GROUND STOPS are Highly Advised on all Swing Gate installations (more info). Also, on all swing gates that have gate wings Wider than 2Mts (7Ft) it is highly advised to install an Electric Lock. All motors above operate at 230V (220-240V).

Sliding Gates

Our Sliding Gate Openers are divided by the weight that they can move:

  • Perseus 600Kg: This motor is perfect for most residential installations. It is Stylish, Powerful and Easy to Install. This product can come with the Artemis' Control Unit "Circe" if a slow down function is needed. This motor is usually advised for Sliding Gates smaller than 6Mt (20ft). This product is available both in Black and in White coloring.
  • Artemis 800Kg: This motor is Compact, Powerful and easy to install, even with further programming options than the Perseus. This motor is usually advised for Sliding Gates smaller than 8Mt (26ft).
  • NYX 1000Kg: This motor looks just like the Artemis, but has an interior modification that makes it move 1000Kg instead of 800. This motor is usually advised for Sliding Gates smaller than 10Mt (33ft).
  • Typhon 2000kg: This is our Strongest Sliding Gate motor. Made for industrial use, it is used when moving bigger gates.This motor is usually advised for Sliding Gates smaller than 15Mt (50ft).


Nylon rack is used on most kits as it lowers the sound the motor makes while moving the Gates. It has INNER BODY in STEEL so this does not affect its resistance to damage. It is advised for gates up to 1000Kg. Steel rack is compatible with all motors and available on request to substitute nylon rack in any kit desired, with a small price difference. It is usually advised for gates heavier than 1000Kg.

To check compatibility with non Oxygen Original Racks, they need to be Module M4, which means that the center of each "tooth" of the rack needs to be around 12,5mm far from the center of the previous and next tooth of the same rack.

All motors above operate at 230V (220-240V).


Motors are sold separately only for existing installations. If you wish to have a full-operating automation, you will need one Control Unit and at least one Remote Control.

Control Units: Control Units are connected to the house electric system and make the motors open and close. They also power wired accessories and connect to wireless ones. They are divided by type:

Remote Controls: Remote Controls are used to open the gate Wirelessly and use a safety Rolling Code Technology (anti-theft). They need to be connected to the control unit to work (It can be find on Control Unit Instructions). All Remote Controls buttons can be programmed in the same way; we advise to keep only one kind of remote control per installation.

Photocells: Photocells are used for Safety. One or Two Pairs can be installed. It is highly advised to put one pair in between the Gate posts. This will make sure that, when passing through the gate, the gate will not crush the car or person that is going through. They should operate like this: When the gate is closing, if someone passes through the photocells, the gate reopens.

Flashing Light: A Flashing Light is used as a Warning that the gate is moving. It can also be used to see when the control unit has read the remote control signal and will start opening.

Wireless Keypad/Keyboard: A Keypad is used to comfortably open the gate with a code. It is connected Wirelessly to the Control Unit and is paired like a Remote Control.

Racks: Racks are divided in Nylon and Steel, and Steel.

  • Nylon and Steel is advised for gates under 1000Kg because it lowers motor noise and still easily resists damage, as it has the inner body in steel.
  • Steel is advised for gates over 1000Kg and is available for all kits for a small price difference.

Key Selector: A Key Selector is used to open the gate with a key.

Electric Locks: An Electric Lock is used for better overtime endurance, wind protection and gate security. The Electric Lock opens automatically once the gate is being opened by an accessory (Remote Controls, Keypads etc...) and re-locks when the gate closes. An Electric Lock is advised for all Swing Gates over 2Mt (7ft) per leaf.

Safety Edge: A Safety Edge is a safety device used for obstacle detection for Swing and Sliding Gates. It has a soft edge that, once pressed by being hit, stops and re-opens the gate. Because of its softness, it will not damage the object or person that hit it. The Safety Edge has a customizable length and is sold in 2 meters pieces, that can be cut. The Safety Edge can be connected Wirelessly to the control unit using its Wireless Kit.

Receiver: A Receiver is used to use Oxygen Automation Original accessories on any installation. It only needs to be connected to the control unit, than you will be able to connect any wireless accessory to it and open the gate with it (Remote Controls or Keypads).

Antenna: An Antenna is used to Extend the range of Wireless Accessories connected to the Control Unit.

Columns: Columns are used to place photocells when there are no walls to install them on. They are usually used for the second pair of photocells.

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