About us

Our mission

We are a new, smart and young Italian company in the field of Home & Building Automation, aiming at providing the market with premium quality products at incredible prices. We are committed to create and promote a new premium brand in the European and worldwide market and to build a strong awareness of the brand.

We constantly design, develop, choose and test our products in order to offer our customers the best products at unbeatable prices! Our mission is to add value to a modern and young international brand.

We believe in the quality of our products, and put it above all.


We are located in Bologna (Italy), the “cradle” of automation, where 50 years ago hydraulic automation was born. Every day we cooperate with suppliers, R&D, engineering department in order to provide our customers with strong and advanced products, upgraded according to the latest GMP.

Our products are designed and developed according to EU and international standards, such as EN 12453, EN 12445, as well as EN 12978, and some of our products comply EN 12101/2.

Made in Italy

All of our products are 100% designed and produced in Italy and carry the CE marking on their labels and boxes.

Every day we personally monitor the whole production process and the selection of products and we constantly test them in our headquarters. Our goal is to launch products with zero defects and zero returns. We produce easy to install and ready to install items, so that both installers and final users can easily install our products saving time and money.


All our products come with a warranty. We ensure a minimum guarantee of 2 years but most of our item come with a 3-year guarantee, with the exception of some “premium” products, which have a 5-year-guarantee. Moreover, we provide our clients with spare parts and technical support in order to optimise the whole installation process and to offer extraordinary and long-lasting products.

  • High Quality Products
  • Great Customer Service
  • Refund Within 30 days

Our team

oxygen automation

Commitment, Integrity, Respect, Initiative.

These are the values and principles we believe in.


We are a non-hierarchical company and treat our customers as partners, sharing with them a common passion and dedication for automation.