Rolling Shutters

How to Calculate your Rolling Shutter's Weight

All Tubular Motors are based on the Weight they can move. So, before looking at products, let's calculate your Rolling Shutter's Weight. To do so, we will need the Rolling Shutter's Length, Height and Material. Common Rolling Shutters are made of PVC, which, to be safe, we usually weight it 7Kg per square meter. If it is Aluminum, we usually weight it 10Kg per square meter.

Wired Motors

These motors require an external up/down switch connected to the motor, connected via wire. Wired Motors are called Helios and they are divided by their power.

The power of the motor is calculated in Newton Meters (Nm), the bigger the number of Nm, the stronger the motor will be. It is not advised to get a motor too strong for the rolling shutter, as per Rolling Shutter's Weight Calculator advises.

Also, each motor has its own speed, which can go from 12rpm, which is relatively slow and is usually in very strong motors, as the Helios 50Nm, to 16rpm, which is in strong motors like the 20Nm and 30Nm, to 28rpm, which is the most, but it can only be found in weaker motors.

Tubular Motors are fit inside the Rolling Shutter's tube, which is usually Octagonal 60mm diameter. But an adaptor can be installed on Wired Motors to fit to almost any Rolling Shutter.

Wired Motors require a Third Party up/down switch that will be connected to the motors via wire.

Wired Motors can come with Manual Override (50NM). The Emergency Manual Ovveride lets you open the shutter even during a blackout by inserting the "Short Eye" (not included) inside the designated hole and turning.

If you need help with the installation, click here for the Tutorial Installation Video.

Central Motors

For Aluminum Rolling Shutters that work with Springs, EOS Motor is necessary. To fit an EOS motor, the Rolling Shutter's Tube needs to be 60mm or 48mm, it can also be 42mm but you will need an Adaptor. Rolling Shutter's Spring Holder has to be either 200mm or 220mm. A Safety Box can be fitted without installing a Contol Unit by just connecting it to the Motor. Weight per Square Meter of the Aluminum Rolling Shutter is as per Weight Calculator's "Armoured Aluminum".

Wireless Motors

Wireless Motors are chosen by Rolling Shutter's Weight, tube diameter and form like Wired Ones, but do not require Wires to be connected to the UP/DOWN Switch. This is because the Motor is connected Wirelessly to the Remote Control supplied. These are two kinds of Remote Controls:

All Oxygen Automation Wireless Motors can be connected to the device My Higgins RTW to open all the building's shutters whithin Wi-Fi range via Phone APP

If you need help with the installation, click here for the Tutorial Installation Video.

Weather Station

Rhea Weather Station is a Sensor that also works as a Control Unit. This Sensor Allows to feel when the wind is too much, when the sun is coming up (or down) or when rain is pouring, Since this is also a Control Unit, you can connect a Remote Control to the Rhea Weather Station to open the Shutter or Window (230V) it is connected to.


Oxygen Automation's Window Actuators are divided by their method of operating:

Chain Actuators

Chain Actuators are among the most used Window Openers. They are divided by the amount of Newton (power) of the motor. These windows can be opened by:

Rod Actuators

Rod Actuators are also among the most used Window Openers for Industrial Usage. They are divided by the amount of Newton (power) of the motor. They are advised for a regular, standard environment and internal usage. These motors can open:

Rack Actuators

Rack Actuators are used for Windows Wider than 1,60Mts, they are also perfect for external usage, or in Humid or Dusty Environments. These motors can open: